The shift in consciousness from the mundane to the spiritual is profound and completely alters the way I see myself and the world around me. In soul consciousness I become aware of myself as a soul, a conscious, sentient being that existed before I came into this body and will continue to exist when I eventually leave this body. The soul, the eternal being of pure consciousness, is in the form of light, a tiny spark of light situated in the centre of my forehead. This is who and what I am. I am a soul experiencing the world and expressing myself through my physical body.

In the snow, New York

When I hold this consciousness clearly in mind, it influences the quality of my actions. Every thought I have and every action I perform creates a pure vibration that ripples out into the world. Whatever I want to see in the world I have to first be that myself.

“Meditation is an opportunity to take my consciousness to a higher level; to think about myself as an eternal soul and my connection with the Divine.”

The heart of the global crisis is actually a spiritual crisis in which we have become divorced from our true self and nature. The solution to the global crisis requires a spiritual reunion with the self and the Divine. This shift in consciousness transforms both our inner and outer world.

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    Consciousness - the power of the mind

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    Conducting meditation